NEXUS 2017: Latest Convention News and Updates

Will be in Coffs Harbour this weekend for Nexus Con, the local pop culture and fandom event in town, I’ll be drawing live caricatures, commissions and selling prints as always. Also introducing colour paper sketches one day only hope to see you there!

Nexus Con 2017

Everything is Tweet

Updates pending are:

I will be heading into Luna park Sydney this evening to briefly drop off some new material which will appear soon in the caricatures section of As part of a 2 month long complete overhaul of my public base of operations the Luna Park Cartoonist Booth and my website.

Updates pending are:

  1. The ability to follow me and my work on twitter/EdTMDyer
  2. New Youtube clips featuring the process of my work
  3. Online webcomic (to be announced)

…recap after 2 years of cartooning part 1

So over the next few weeks a new major overhaul is pending with a new look for

…continued from part 1

So began the updating process, I had drawn new material in the past and introduced better stronger work in stages, lord knows I had to replace all the old drawings left over from the previous cartoonist.  After much trial and error as more and more pictures would come in, some where shuffled, some were placed in more prominant spaces and some where retired with me shaking my head what was I thinking?!

The latest to emerge I feel more correctly reflect the artist I am, not the hack drawing big heads little bodies and bumper cars (Iabcdve lost count how many times Iabcdve drawn that tired tourist theme) to say Iabcdve been wanting to break the mould for a long time may be an understatement.

So over the next few weeks a new major overhaul is pending with a new look for and I would also like to announce that I can be followed on twitter look me up EdTMDyer, most of my tweets will be cute little one liners however important info on whether Iabcdll be drawing at Luna Park will be regularly posted.


-Ed Dyer