2020 and a Decade in Hindsight

Figured it was high time I revealed what years of refining my illustration techniques are capable of producing… and what I look like 😀

Teaching myself how to draw caricatures like a pro was an unlikely side quest, I received by chance in art school (Meadowbank TAFE) that blossomed into a full on career (turns out P.T Barnum was right all along)

The new “Roaring 20’s” have kicked off with a Great Gatsby style quiet night in, no fireworks, no crowds, didn’t even watch it on T.V.

Just me, my iPad Pro and as the celebrations went off in the distance, I uploaded my last post of 2019, confident in the knowledge everything is gonna be awesome 😀

Happy New Year

-Ed Dyer

NEXUS 2017: Latest Convention News and Updates

Will be in Coffs Harbour this weekend for Nexus Con, the local pop culture and fandom event in town, I’ll be drawing live caricatures, commissions and selling prints as always. Also introducing colour paper sketches one day only hope to see you there!

Nexus Con 2017

Everything is Tweet

Updates pending are:

I will be heading into Luna park Sydney this evening to briefly drop off some new material which will appear soon in the caricatures section of www.eddyer.com. As part of a 2 month long complete overhaul of my public base of operations the Luna Park Cartoonist Booth and my website.

Updates pending are:

  1. The ability to follow me and my work on twitter/EdTMDyer
  2. New Youtube clips featuring the process of my work
  3. Online webcomic (to be announced)