Biz Card 2012-2018 Update

I designed these guys back in 2012 as a rework of a much more primitive version I first began featuring on my business cards in 2008 shortly after beginning work as the cartoonist contracting at Luna Park. The Roller Coaster is based off the “Wild Mouse” a ride which dates back to 1963, the two riders are based off the Comedy and Tragedy masks used as an icon to depict the theatre, also the reactions I often get to my caricature work, the guy in the blue shirt is based on Luna Park’s giant fibreglass harlequin face for a front door and the girl is loosely based on an ex. The design has since been given a digital colouring and inking facelift but the original remains largely unchanged .

Brand News for 2019

Well it’s been a hectic start to an already busy year but the rhythm from 2016 hasn’t really stopped, in fact the boost continues to spur me onwards new and cool updates will be posted more regularly including new social media and a potential long dormant Youtube channel may be getting reactivated… will keep more posts coming through.. so in the meantime B)