Just Because you add the word “Cyber” to it, doesn’t make Monday any better. X’D

Well another “Black Friday” has come and gone, and it’s equally as perplexing follow up day of “deals” Cyber Monday is firmly in the rear view for another year. And, like many Australians, seeing this post Thanksgiving American shopping tradition unquestioningly adopted by retail stores here, I have to say “Yeah, nah, I still don’t get it” now it could be the F.O.M.O has long since become muted in me since seeing my tax bill as a small business owner, or the fact I’ve never been much for shopping sprees, but I might have missed my chance to get all my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop, while battling queues of other panic buying shoppers…

Oh well, I guess I’ll just order everything online.

Author: Ed Dyer

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