Go Atomic! 2020

Just a quick announcement as the Christmas/New Year season wraps up and the final days of an amazing mixed bag of a 2019 draws to a close I’m gearing up on a brand new convention:

If you’re in the Sydney Metro area drop by and say hi 🙂

All new convention to kick off an all new decade, yes it really is going to be 30 years ago since 1990! (20 since 1999)

New fan art! Posters, prints and stickers, also merchandise like apparel, mugs and much more (skateboards etc)

New setup! Will be drawing everyone’s favourite caricatures but will be further incorporating digital art to the line up (will need a printer)

New Layout! Also updating the brand, website and a bunch of other behind the scenes stuff (proper online store coming soon)

Author: Ed Dyer

Welcome to my official page, I'm the guy who draws pictures and posts them... usually on Instagram but also here. I'm available for bookings, caricature and artwork commissions. Check out the links.

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