About: aka “The Backstory”

Born in Melbourne and later relocating to Sydney while in high school, Edward always had a flair for drawing as a kid; growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s way before the internet was widely available in Australia, Ed (a typical daydreamer) had the creative drive which was more or less necessary to stave off boredom and he was lucky enough to find the support of his parents which included stacks of discarded A4 print paper his Dad would bring home from his office job as a programmer, would make for a reliable source of drawing materials for the budding artist.

“Dad originally taught myself and my siblings the basics of drawing and we took it from there”

After a brief stint at Disney Animation (a short but noteworthy career highlight he talks about to this day) Ed, whose main work experience up until then included collecting trolleys for a local (now defunct) supermarket would find himself entering the “rat-race”, doing a lot of temp work with the odd artwork commission thrown in here and there to keep him going.

“The various call centres I worked at while studying would sometimes pick up on my demonstrated abilities as an artist and I would find myself with an artwork job, that would in turn give me hope for my career”

After a stroke of good luck he would land him the contract as the cartoonist at Luna Park Sydney, drawing retail caricatures was steady, reliable work and would eventually help boost his skills to the point where he could easily perform live at events as a hired caricaturist, work on commissions as a freelance illustrator, and even branch out as a mural painter and digital sculptor among other skills he’s picked up from a patchwork of formal education and skills he learned on the job.

Operating as the subcontracting cartoonist at Luna Park Sydney since 2008 and bringing his trade to conventions, weddings and parties since 2004, Ed has worked with a variety of clients and locations and is currently represented by Gorilla Media.

Available for both commissions and event bookings he can be contacted either by email, phone or via direct message on social for availability and quotes.

He’s also pretty good at writing about himself in the 3rd person, something of a Jack-of-all-trades 😀

My first name is my initials 😀