Rants in the Pants

“Your Grumpy old man in training”…

Written by Pant Ranter 25th May 2010

Welcome back, Pant Ranter here. Well itabcds been a long time since my last rant; I figured to be somewhat more introspective with this one in fact. Have you ever noticed that most people who start up and then religiously maintain a rant page are some of the most popular people on the Internet? (so long as they remain topical) and I want in. 

Iabcdve made a list of essentials:

  1. First and foremost have an opinion. Now for a rant it needs to be naturally slanting towards the negative however not necessarily doom and gloom but it needs to be witty at the very least.
  2. Research, it lends an iota of credibility you donabcdt have to do deep analytical journalistic research because A. youabcdre not a news source and B. your reaction needs to have that visceral knee jerk.
  3. Make up a goofy nick name, or else youabcdre just another “nerd with a chip on his shoulder”, ironically that name may already be taken 😛

Now that Iabcdve imparted what undoubtedly is the abridged version of the unwriten laws of the web blog rant youabcdll be hearing again from me real soon.

Your grumpy old man in training

-Pant Ranter

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