Rants in the Pants

“Your Grumpy old man in training”…

Written by Pant Ranter 25th May 2010

Welcome back, Pant Ranter here. Well itabcds been a long time since my last rant; I figured to be somewhat more introspective with this one in fact. Have you ever noticed that most people who start up and then religiously maintain a rant page are some of the most popular people on the Internet? (so long as they remain topical) and I want in. 

Iabcdve made a list of essentials:

  1. First and foremost have an opinion. Now for a rant it needs to be naturally slanting towards the negative however not necessarily doom and gloom but it needs to be witty at the very least.
  2. Research, it lends an iota of credibility you donabcdt have to do deep analytical journalistic research because A. youabcdre not a news source and B. your reaction needs to have that visceral knee jerk.
  3. Make up a goofy nick name, or else youabcdre just another “nerd with a chip on his shoulder”, ironically that name may already be taken 😛

Now that Iabcdve imparted what undoubtedly is the abridged version of the unwriten laws of the web blog rant youabcdll be hearing again from me real soon.

Your grumpy old man in training

-Pant Ranter

Partial sabatical

“I will only be at the booth on Saturdays and occassional Sundays”…

Written by Ed Dyer Monday 24th May 2010

Time off from Luna Park, to my loyal followers out there just a quick update on timeabcds Iabcdll be available at Luna Park, considering the combination of short days and cold weather in a little season I like to call winter I will only be at the booth on Saturdays and occassional Sundays. If I am at the park on a Friday it will only be to bring in new display pics.

Thanks for your support and patience and being my fans.


A recap after 2 years cartooning.

Written by Ed Dyer 24th May 2010

Iabcdve been studying, working out and keeping a regular routine that involves a strong work ethic and dicipline. Yes Iabcdm thinking the same thing, “Who are you and what have you done with Ed?!” …relax, Iabcdm exaggerating.

On the 11th of April 2010 I celebrated an unofficial 2 year anniversary as the Luna Park cartoonist. A weird little milestone sure, but a mile stone none the less. Since then a lot has been in the works mostly Iabcdve since taken stock of the images Iabcdve produced over those 2 years and thought wow, they have done their job in cementing my career (nothing like some evidence to back up the claims) and to this day I still get asked “Did you draw all these?”  To which the response is invariably “Yes, everything you see here is my work!” I then began to think about the question and why it would always be asked of my wall display, sure every image was indeed mine, however I can draw in about a dozen distinct styles, my realistic stuff was competing for wall space with my cartoon style, the ultra simple was mixed up with colour prints and the end result though interesting resembled a collage of works by separate artists not just myself.

So since last week on my regular commute home from Luna Park, I began idly sketching (when all is said and done drawing for me will always begin and end as a hobby) a caricature of the X-men character wolverine, he took the majority of the trip, which after change overs can be anywhere from 40 mins to an hour and a half. I brought him home and realised, this is the style Iabcdm truly comfortable with.

So began my new mission

…to be continued

Rants in the Pants

I want to see one of those semi reality shows that involve dare devils and extreme sports that always seem to say: Even though the salmon run speedboat jump up Niagara Falls was a massive disaster Idaho’s Rodney Pickering despite massive internal injuries ”miraculously” survived. You never hear that these idiots were killed instantaneously as their bodies were torn to shreds beneath the torrents of ice cold water which had the force comparable to a pack of hyenas devouring a carcass.
No you never hear that. Something else you never hear is: after months of rehabilitation and extensive surgeries most of which required emergency organ transplants do you hear “I was genuinely wrong when I attempted to break the sound barrier on my skateboard I have used this experience and the generous donations I received to go to university and eventually get a real job helping to educate the next generation on my mistakes. No you always hear: Imadoitagin!