Total Eclipse of the art(ist)

…the abcdTwilight” book/movie franchise, which despite being an essentially bland retelling of an old concept, seems to only be gaining further momentum and about to hit our shores again…

Well it had to happen sooner or later the perfect storm of teen hormones that is the abcdTwilight” book/movie franchise, which despite being an essentially bland retelling of an old concept, seems to only be gaining further momentum and about to hit our shores.

This series was never made with my demographic in mind and frankly the argument that the book was better than the movie is not up for grabs. I have neither seen nor read either and when it comes down to it the counter arguments leveled in rebuttal to fans “OK did you buy the books? Did you pay to see the movies? How much did each form of media earn, i.e which made more movie or book?

Now do you think that anyone cares that your opinion of the material has been reduced to such an overused, trite throwaway line?

Itabcds much like saying the same thing about Mel Gibsonabcds movie “Passion of the Christ”!

But I digress.

Well its gonna be something tomorrow, stars Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart will be coming to my stomping ground Luna Park for an advance screening of the latest in the series of what is concidered in the vampire genre equivalent of Bambi.(Considering vampire protagonist Edward Cullin drinks deer blood is fitting) Hopefully this will garner some interest from some fan girls. Stewart plays Bella Swan, the archetypal damsel in distress combined with angst wrapped up in the high school every-girloutcast format.

 Lautner on the other hand is the bad boy whoabcds currently trying to steal Bella away (This info has been gleaned via osmosis) from Edward who I mentioned before is a vampire, however as the rival/ally the character he plays is Jacob Black- a werewolf.

Iabcdve seen clips and Jacobbeing able to transform in broad daylight without the use of the full moon looks more like an oversized Husky.

Then again Edward too, has all the traditional weaknessess and flaws of being a supernatural creature of the shadows conveniently shelved so he has extra time to “sparkle” in the suns rays.

Again I make no bones that this was never intended for my eyes still I do applaud the phenomenal success it has had and at the end of the day… 

  …it should be good for a laugh.

Bring back the Buff(y)

Spring Holiday Caricatures 2009

Well another term comes to an end and its hard to believe this year is almost over, however ironic, chances are The Artist Currently Known as Prince will most likely not change the lyrics to his 1980abcds Glam Rock Hit song 1999.

The impending Summer is not far off and the smell of blooming frangipani and jasmine mingle in the air with the acrid stench of smoke haze, brought on by bushfire preventive back burning.

Luna Park is gearing up for record crowds and some awesome parties over the next months and at the moment my little booth in Side Show Alley has never looked so good. With new display pictures and a Flat screen mounted on the wall with some extra examples of my work as space has become a little cramped.

Iabcdm definitly looking forward to the warmer months and daylight savings and to see some familar faces, being a caricaturist itabcds harder still to forget.

See you there.