It’s Called Fashion, Look it up.

Very happy to announce that just in time for the new year the t-shirts, socks, mugs and other merchandise with my drawings on them are on thew way.

Announcing my collaboration with the legendary Aussie t-shirt vendor Geekdom Tees my Mandalorian Armorer design is available for purchace via this link:

Along with plenty more where that one came from 🙂

Youtube Channel and Other News.

I’ve been gradually building my presence on social media as a matter of course, it’s been a slow journey but I have found if I don’t obsess too much over numbers, data such as views, watch hours, subscribers and analytics it makes it easier to focus on creating content that I’m essentially just crossing my fingers and wishing on a star someone will click on and see.

So I figured I’d showcase links to my YouTube channel and my Twitch Channel, a dedicated hobby and powerful business tool wherein I have found significantly better success than all of the other social media platforms I’ve used.

Why Aussies barely Celebrate Halloween.

Halloween has always been kind of a bizarre and out of place holiday tradition in Australia, something adopted without much thought from the same Anglo/Northern European traditions brought in wholesale from the Empire that make singing about “Sleigh bells in the snow” of all things (without a hint of irony) in the middle of summer perfectly legitimate expressions of the festive season… in a country usually with a total fire ban in place rather than a warning about blizzards and polar vortexes.

And this year is no different.

The same valiant attempts to give Christmas a uniquely “Australiana” take, like re-writing Christmas carols in the style of Weird Al Yankovic, with covers of “Jingle Bells” in the mid 1990’s that never saw widespread adoption were never even tried with Halloween.

Most Aussies kind of just wait till it’s over, a few plastic skeletons are bought, some assorted decorations are put up, there’s slightly more lollies than usual being bought (however the word “candy” has made significant progress in replacing the word “lollies”) and a balmy spring night is way more conducive for the girls from the office to dress up for the “Spook-Tacular Party” but it is at the end of the day an American holiday we don’t take particularly seriously.

But I for one do enjoy the small reprieve before Christmas, New Year and the month long Summer holiday break. Halloween marks off a time of year when we realise while we were looking at our phones another year basically slipped by barely noticed and it’s once again time to take stock.

That said I still don’t understand why Australia has “Black Friday” when we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all.